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Welcome to Fairy Knowe Waterfront Eco Estate and Boutique Hotel. Here, where a preserved wild ecology co-exists symbiotically with the utmost in human comfort, nature will always be guest of honour.

Deep in the heart of South Africa’s Wilderness National Parks Lake District, there is little to disturb the tranquility, apart from the signature woop-woop, korr, korr call of a shy Knysna Loerie, or the lapping of water against your own private riverbank. Arriving in this protected, tranquil setting, you are likely to feel time slow down a little; even as your pulse quickens at the thought of each new day’s beauty and wonder.

Just 20 minutes from George Airport and situated with easy access to the Garden Route’s treasure trove of attractions, Fairy Knowe is a place you’ll share with other privileged nature lovers - and almost 300 species of endemic birdlife. To maintain the peaceful atmosphere, this is designed as a small, upmarket development - restricted to just 48 sectional title units and a luxury boutique hotel.